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Installing Repast Simphony in Linux – Step by Step

Published on: March 24, 2013
Last Modification: April 28, 2013

Unfortunately the IT department of my University decided to change my Operating System from a Gnome 32-bits to a 64-bits version. Thanks to that Eclipse did not work anymore and I had to install all the software again in the corresponding 64-bits version. As a revision of the process I am going to show step by step how to do it based on the information given in the official page of Repast Simphony.

First of all we should find the proper version of Eclipse. In my case I know that Helios works fine. Since is an older version I am going to run it locally and not to install it from the package manager. I downloaded and decompressed the corresponding package for linux (in my case the 64-bits version) in a folder where I store all the software installed locally.


Once this is done, we should install the following plug-ins and libraries:

  • Groovy
  • Eclipse XML Editors and Tools

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Repast Simphony: Run a method at the end of the simulation

Published on: Mar 26, 2012

I need to update some files just at the end of my simulation. The Outputters have given me a lot of problems and I need more functionality to gather and compute data. The problem is that, at that point, I only know that my simulation finishes when the stop button is pushed. Unfortunately, the official information given by Repast Simphony about the Scheduler doesn’t say too much.

I checked in the API the classes related to the Scheduler and I found that there is a method in the class Schedule called executeEndActions() which executes all the actions scheduled to execute at simulation end. However how can I indicate that an action should be executed at the end?

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